The solution for sending email SMS

With MailUp, you can create, send and track your email and SMS campaigns with just a few clicks.


Improve your campaigns, boost your success

A wide range of strategic consulting to provide you with an all-round service tailored to your needs.

Customized solutions
Customized solutions

Onboarding, integrations and creative development. A dedicated project for each of your needs.

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Achieve the best mailing quality with customized configurations and accreditations.

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Priority support
Priority support

We prioritize your enquiries to provide a fast response to any request.

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Professional and responsive design for your campaigns

With the BEE editor, you can create appealing emails optimized for mobile devices with just a few simple drag & drop operations. Alternatively, you can choose one of the ready-to-use graphical templates, suitable for all types of communication.

Professional and responsive design for your campaigns
  • Reach new prospects

    All tools – online and offline – to convert visitors into new subscribers. On your website and social media pages, or at trade shows and events.

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  • Send personalized campaigns, automatically

    With the marketing automation tools and drag & drop workflows, you can engage the right recipient at the right time, by sending them a welcome message, guiding them through their purchase and making them a loyal customer.

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We helped them to grow, in Italy and worldwide

  • OVS
  • LoveTheSign
  • Yamaha
  • Banca Popolare di Milano

Why our customers choose MailUp?

TEMPI / Emanuele Boffi

"An intuitive and easy to use platform, it optimizes management of the contacts database."

Treedom / Federico Garcea

"With the arrival of BEE, sending a newsletter that is useful to our mission is a walk in the park!"

Ninja Marketing / Mirko Pallera

"An intuitive and versatile platform. Statistics are accessible and detailed. The email triggers are great."

IFITT / Alessandro Inversini

"A reliable partner for our communications. An extremely helpful support team."

Job in Tourism / Emilio de Risi

"Usable and intuitive, ideal for managing numerous mailings and those going to large-scale lists."

Parent Project / Nicoletta Madia

"A cutting-edge and complete tool, the ideal way to communicate: on time, on target!"

Giochi Preziosi / Elisa Baldon

"MailUp is the best choice in terms of the web & digital marketing that we have completed in recent years!"