The email and SMS delivery solution

The email and SMS delivery solution

Your complete email delivery solution

Send all your promotional, transactional and automated emails without breaking the bank.


Managing direct marketing campaigns with MailUp...

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Advanced email marketing features

Email invii illimitati

Innovative pricing

Check out our innovative Pay Per Speed pricing for email messaging: big savings and great flexibility.

A/B test automatico

Professional tools

From flexible A/B testing to advanced filters and triggered messages: a complete email messaging solution.

High deliverability

Get into the inbox

Top-notch deliverability thanks to a decade of experience, plus deliverability consulting when needed.

Ecommerce integrations

Ecommerce, CRM, CMS

Grow ecommerce sales with automated emails. Send a campaign from a CRM. Leverage our email messaging API.

Text and mobile

Ready for mobile

From responsive design templates to support for text messaging, MailUp is ready for mobile.

Email preview

Free email preview

Preview how your email message looks in dozens of Web, desktop, and mobile email clients with one click.

Benchmark di settore

Complete statistics

Zoom in with detailed message reports, or zoom out with aggregate reports combining data from multiple campaigns.

Highly flexible

Fully customizable

Customize everything: from tracking domain to DKIM signature, to white labeling for agencies.

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