Account Termination

Reasons for termination

Your MailUp account may be terminated for the reasons indicated in the Platform License Agreement and Terms of Use, which include - but are not limited - to the following:

  • Because your payment did not go through successfully and you did not provide an alternative form of payment to cover your MailUp subscription fees.
  • Because you violated MailUp's Anti-spam policy.
  • Because one or more of the messages you sent trough the MailUp system contained content that violated the MailUp content restrictions.
  • Because you elected to no longer use the system and canceled the corresponding billing subscription (or asked us to do so).
  • Because you otherwise violated the MailUp Terms of Use.

Unused Time

When your account is terminated, you will be able to use your MailUp account until the end of the current subscription interval, which you have prepaid for, unless the termination is due to your failure to comply with the MailUp terms and conditions of use, including the MailUp Anti-spam policy and Content restrictions, in which case access to your MailUp account may be immediately revoked.
There are no reimbursements for unused time.

You will not be charged again after the current subscription interval ends (e.g. end of the month for a monthly subscription).

Removal of Data

Even after your MailUp subscription has been terminated, you will be able to access your account for 15 days to export data that pertains to your account and that exists in the MailUp system. After that time, all of your data will be deleted (lists, groups, recipients, messages, message statistics).

Pausing a subscription

You may not pause a MailUp subscription. In order to keep your account active and the account data stored in the system (e.g. campaign statistics), the corresponding billing subscription must be active.