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The Top 5 Reasons to Choose MailUp

MailUp is a mid-tier email service provider with other 10 years of experience. It combines powerful email marketing features with a unique pricing model that can deliver substantial savings.

Why MailUp 1

A complete email delivery solution

All the email campaign management features you can expect from a mid-tier ESP (responsive email editor, A/B testing, dynamic content, email automation, advanced segmentation, etc.) plus a built-in SMTP relay service for transactional emails.
Why MailUp 2

Unlimited lists and contacts... and tremendous savings!

We don't penalize you for growing your business. Set up all the lists and import all the contacts you want. Our disruptive, innovative Pay-Per-Speed pricing gives you great flexibility and provides tremendous savings.
Why MailUp 3

Advanced segmentation and triggered messages

Segment based on profile, activity, geolocation, and device. Create automated, triggered campaigns in all sorts of scenarios: re-engagement, post-purchase, post-signup, ...
Why MailUp 4

Integrated with the rest of your business

We fully understand that your business runs outside of MailUp. That's why we develop more and more plugins for ecommerce, CRM, and CMS systems, and continue to expand and improve our APIs.
Why MailUp 5

Deliverability consulting

When your messages don't get into the inbox, nothing else really matters. And even if you follow email marketing best practices, things can get complicated. That's when our ad-hoc deliverability consulting services come to the rescue.

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