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Email Marketing with MailUp

Upgrade your email marketing platform without breaking the bank

MailUp combines powerful email marketing features such as advanced filters, fully configurable triggered messages, dynamic content, and automated A/B testing, with a unique pay per speed pricing model, which allows for unlimited recipients and can deliver substantial savings.

A complete email delivery solution

All the email campaign management features you can expect (dynamic fields, dynamic content, A/B testing, etc.) plus an SMTP relay service for transactional emails.
Unlimited recipients

Unlimited recipients

Our innovative pay per speed pricing does not penalize you for growing your customer base: the number of contacts in your lists does not affect the price. Learn more.
Unlimited recipients

Advanced segmentation and triggered messages

Segment based on profile, activity, geolocation, and device. Create automated, triggered campaigns in all sorts of scenarios: re-engagement, post-purchase, post-signup, ...

Rich reports and statistics

Many visually pleasing reports to monitor and analyze, in real time, the performance of your campaigns. Unique features such as "aggregate reports" give you even more insight.

Automated list cleaning and engagement optimization

MailUp not only handles bounces, spam compliants, and unsubscribes, but it also helps correctly manage inactive recipients to optimize your lists' engagement level.

API and plugins

Manage campaigns remotely using MailUp's complete API, leverage the built-in SMTP relay service, or use one of the many plugins for ecommerce, CRM, and CRM systems.

Social networks integration

MailUp is integrated with the most popular social networks not just to enable social sharing of your email campaigns, but also to schedule social posts and track social statistics right from the MailUp admin console.