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Improve campaign performance with A/B testing

A/B testing in a nutshell

Studies have shown that with A/B testing you can improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns by 30% or more. A/B testing is a simple concept: try a few variations of the same thing, and see what people like best! In MailUp, user-friendly tools allow you...

  • Automatically test different versions of the same message
  • Indicate what portion of the list should be used for the test
  • Once the test is over, the winning message is automatically sent to the rest of the list
Improve email marketing campaign performance with AB testing

How it works

You will test different variations of the same message by sending them to a random picked portion of your list. You can choose:
  • which versions of the message to use for the test
  • what percentage of users to send the message to (e.g. 20% of the total number of recipients)
  • how to measure success (e.g. open rate)
  • how many hours to wait for the test to be carried out

Once the test is over, the best performing message - determined according to the settings you configured - will be sent to the rest of the recipients.

A/B testing in email marketing

Learn more about A/B testing

Interested in A/B testing, how it can improve the performance of your email campaigns, and how it works in MailUp?

Download our free white paper on A/B testing, or start by reading this interesting blog post: "What if A/B testing got you an extra $200 million?".