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Email marketing for Magento

Leverage MailUp's email marketing tools with Magento

Ecommerce merchants reach their customers more effectively and increase sales with the MailUp extension for Magento, available free of charge for Enterprise and Community platforms on the Magento Connect Marketplace.

  • Data sync Synchronize subscription preferences, customer info, and order data
  • Automated emails Grow sales with triggered messages (e.g. post purchase discount)
  • Inbox delivery More emails in the inbox, even the ones sent from Magento

May 2013 Update: Multi-store support is here!

At the store view level in Magento, you can now configure the MailUp extension to manage subscription email preferences and customer data for multiple storefronts. Each storefront can be linked independently to a list in MailUp, keeping each piece of information specific to each storefront. No more overlapping of data! (Few other email extensions provide multi-store support!). Directly in your Magento Admin, manage the MailUp Settings under System > Configuration > MailUp.

Support for multiple Magento stores

The complete email solution for Magento stores

  • Order data is transferred from the store to MailUp: leverage it to send automated, triggered messages, which can significantly increase conversions and promote repeat purchases.
  • A new customer segmentation tool is added to the Magento admin console: filtering of store clients, transfer the segment to MailUp with one click, and send a targeted campaign.
  • MailUp's SMTP e-mail relay service can be used to increase the deliverability of all transactional emails sent from your Magento store.
Segment customers in Magento and send targeted email campaigns in MailUp

Growing sales with automated, triggered messages

The extension can be installed within a couple of minutes through the Magento Connect Manager from your Magento admin console. Once installed:

  • Easily connect your MailUp account to your Magento store
  • Newsletter preferences are synchronized
  • Customer fields can be easily mapped between the two applications (MailUp supports up to 40 customizable fields)
  • Order data is automatically transferred from Magento into MailUp
  • Customers can be segmented in Magento and turned them into Groups in MailUp in one click. Those Groups can then be included or excluded in targeted email campaigns run and tracked in MailUp.
Increase sales with triggered messages

With the customer data transferred from your Magento store, you can set up automated, triggered email campaigns in MailUp, including:

  • Send a discount code 30 days after the latest order to encourage a repeat purchase
  • If the customer doesn't open that message, send a reminder 7 days later
  • Reward customers that purchased more than a certain amount over the previous 12 months
  • Re-engage customers that have not purchased in the last 3 months
  • Ask customers to rate their shopping experience 14 days after the order was shipped
  • ... the possibilities are endless!

Increasing the deliverability of transactional emails with SMTP+

It happens quite often that ecommerce stores experience deliverability problems: some or all of the transactional messages sent by the store end up in their customers' SPAM folders. It can be a serious issue as customers may not see important messages such as order confirmations, shipping confirmations, password reminders, etc.

This scenario is quite common and it's due to the fact that the SMTP server used by the ecommerce system - which often is a shared SMTP server used by many other Web sites hosted by the same Web hosting company - might be suffering from a low-reputation problem. The low reputation of the sending server directly affects you - the sender - translating into transactional messages not getting delivered into the inbox.

The solution is to change SMTP server, and use a high-deliverability one. Starting with v8, MailUp includes a new feature called SMTP+, which allows you to use your MailUp account as your SMTP server.

  • There is no additional cost for using SMTP+. It's part of your MailUp subscription.
  • You can leverage the same sending reputation that you are enjoying with your MailUp account
  • Messages sent through SMTP+ are tracked, so you can see statistics, for example, of how many people open your order confirmation messages
Increase the deliverability of transactional emails with SMTP+