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MailUp API: integrating with other applications

Leverage MailUp's advanced messaging features

Leverage MailUp's complete email delivery solution from CRM systems, CMS, ecommerce applications, ERP systems, Web analytics applications, etc. Check out the MailUp API, including latest version of our email messaging REST API.

New in MailUp 8: Webhooks and SMTP relay service

MailUp 8 adds configurable Webhooks, which allow for quasi real-time integrations from MailUp back to your app when a recipient subscribes, unsubscribes, or updates his/her profile.

MailUp also includes a built-in SMTP relay service: you send transactional emails through MailUp with high-deliverability and statistics, and taking advantage of our disruptive pricing.

Magento, Salesforce, and other ready-to-go integrations

Some of the latest integrations include:

  • magento
  • salesforce
  • salesforce
  • wordpress
  • productcart
  • googleanalytics
  • Liferay
  • infinitecrm