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Agencies program

MailUp provides flexible, customizable and cost-saving client management solutions for marketing and creative agencies that want to offer their clients advanced tools that can fit any budget.

Email messaging tools for Agencies

  • Manage all clients in one place with the new client management dashboard.
  • Reduce total email marketing costs dramatically with Pay Per Speed pricing.
  • Save even more with a special 10% discount for agencies (5% on prepaid credits for SMS).
  • Impress your clients with smart email marketing & reporting tools.
  • Private-label the MailUp admin tools with your brand, if you wish to do so.
Email messaging tools for Agencies

Agency account features

Manage all clients using the handy client management dashboard:

  • Manage all clients in one place.
  • Quickly create free trial accounts for new customers.
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade a client’s MailUp account.
  • Securely log into a client’s account to manage their campaigns or offer assistance.
  • Host multiple, smaller clients under a single MailUp account, leveraging MailUp multi-list environment.
  • Create multiple admins, with limited access.
  • Use a separate, free MailUp account for demos, training, etc.

Agency case study and program overview (PDF)

Private-labeling (aka "No Logo")

Private-labeling (aka “No Logo”)

Not only you can remove the MailUp badge from all email footers, but the MailUp admin console itself can be private-labeled to leverage your agency's branding and make your clients feel at home. From the company logo and the colors used in the admin console, to the URL used for both admin and frontend pages, virtually everything can be personalized.

Innovative and budget-saving pricing

ESPs typically charge either for the number of messages sent or the number of contacts in your mailing list. With MailUp, instead, you pay a flat monthly fee that’s based only the desired sending speed, with unlimited contacts and substantial savings. Discover why more than 800 agencies worldwide have chosen MailUp.

Innovative and budget-saving pricing

Comprehensive reports

  • Give each client access to detailed and comprehensive reports
  • Leverage benchmark statistics to determine campaign effectiveness
  • Combine multiple campaign statistics into a single, client-accessible report

Deliverability consulting

MailUp not only includes lots of advanced features (A/B testing, customizable filters, triggered messages, email previews, etc.). It also provides optional, personalized deliverability consulting when needed.