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Text messaging (SMS) campaigns - FAQs

Why should I use text messaging (SMS)?

Text messaging (or "SMS") is very effective: studies have shown a 97% open rate for text messages (it's also very "personal": never send an unsolicited message). Text messaging is broadly used: according to a recent report, 68.8% of mobile users use text messaging in the US.

Can I use MailUp just for SMS campaigns?

Yes, you can use MailUp strictly as a direct marketing platform for sending out text messages. Features include message delivery date/time stamp, detailed delivery errors (if any), statistics, and more.

Is there a monthly fee in that case?

No, if you use MailUp without the ability to send email messages, but rather just for SMS (text messages) campaigns, you will not be charged a monthly fee. You will only need to buy the credits you need to send your messages.

If I start with just SMS, can I add Email later?

Sure, you can add the ability to run email campaigns at any time. Price is based on the bandwidth that you wish to subscribe to and some additional options (see email campaign management pricing). Contact your MailUp account manager for more information.

Is there a separate contact database for email and SMS?

No, MailUp is a true multi-channel direct marketing system: contacts are managed across all channels. If you have both email and mobile phone number for your contacts, you can import both into MailUp and contact the same customers through different channels.