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What are the accepted payment methods?

MailUp only accepts payments via credit card.

To purchase services using a Credit Card as the payment method, at the same time as the online transaction is concluded the banking institution and/or payment circuit in question authorizes the amount of the selected purchase only. The amount of the services subscribed to is debited from the Customer’s credit card at the moment the purchase of the ordered services is completed (and after a further consistency check on the order).

In cases with services where automatic renewal upon expiry is provided, the recurring payment, method will be activated which allows, on the renewal date, the pre-authorized automatic debit, except in the case of explicit notice given by the customer within 30 (thirty) days of said date, for the amount corresponding to the services and options already activated and for a period of equal duration. The Customer can always check the expiry date and the renewal amount for the activated services in the confidential area of the console and will also be informed with 90 (ninety) days advance warning via email of the approaching expiry.

Accepted credit cards are those that use Visa, MasterCard e American Express circuits. MailUp S.p.A. reserves the right at all times to request further information from the customer (for example landline/mobile number) or to request a copy of documents demonstrating ownership of the Credit Card used. In the absence of the documentation requested, MailUp S.p.A. reserves the right to refuse orders. At no time during the purchase process is MailUp S.p.A. able to access information related to the credit card of the purchaser.

This information is managed directly at the site of the banking institution and/or payment circuit that carries out the transaction; as no data is sent, there is therefore no possibility it will be intercepted. No computer file belonging to MailUp S.p.A. contains or stores said data. In no event shall MailUp S.p.A. be held responsible for any fraudulent and/or undue use of credit cards by third parties, with regard to payment for services purchased on this e-commerce website.

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