Don’t worry! Antispam policy guarantee

Your privacy is protected by MailUp

What does it mean for you?

  • The sender of the email you received entered in an agreement with MailUp SpA to use MailUp, a digital marketing platform. As part of this agreement they agreed to the MailUp Terms and Conditions of Use and therefore must comply with the strict requirements defined in the Terms whenever using MailUp.
  • As part of the Terms, they agreed to the MailUp Anti SPAM policy, which means that they are only allowed to send you messages you signed up to receive.
  • In addition, they agreed to provide a way for you to unsubscribe at any time, from any list, in maximum two clicks.

What’s MailUp?

  • MailUp is an email delivery service to send email marketing campaigns and transactional messages.
  • MailUp has thousands of prominent clients. It provides email campaign management services to many companies.

What’s your policy against Spam?

  • Spamming is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk emails (Spamhaus definition). It is illegal in many countries.
  • Users of MailUp agree to comply with a very strict Anti SPAM policy. If any MailUp user is found to be sending SPAM, their account is immediately suspended, it is terminated if additional research confirms the initial findings and a penalty fee of $1,500 may be applied. For more information, please refer to our No SPAM policy.
  • Please note that MailUp, Inc. nor MailUp S.p.A. share, sell or rent any email addresses. We are not responsible for the data imported into the system by users of the MailUp platform, and are not authorized to reveal or modify any data stored in our servers.

How can I report an abuse?

The MailUp team constantly monitors client activities to ensure full compliance with our Terms and Conditions. If you receive SPAM, please:
  • report the abuse to: with the sender of the message in cc
  • attach the message at issue
  • specify if you prefer to report anonymously (to avoid list washing)
When you report any abuse to our abuse desk, our team will immediately verify whether the merchant violated the MailUp Terms and Conditions of Use. Sending SPAM through the MailUp system is a violation of such terms and can lead to the termination of the MailUp account. In some countries, sending SPAM is also a crime. We do not list wash our clients list. If you do not want to submit the recipient address you only have to provide us with the MAIL-FROM address and/or the X-Rpcampaign header (customer + mailing batch id, eg.: X-rpcampaign: MailUp201409101029060164)

How can I unsubscribe?

Click on the unsubscribe link, which must be in the footer or header of every email. By clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE button, you will be automatically removed from the list and will receive a confirmation by web page and/or by email. If the unsubscribe link is not present or is not functioning properly, please immediately report this to the MailUp Abuse desk (see above under How to report an abuse): the absence of the unsubscribe link is a violation of the MailUp Terms and Conditions of Use. Do you get a lot of spam from many different senders and not all messages include a MailUp logo? This might indicate that the sender illegally sold your data to one or more third parties. We recommend that you ask the sender to provide you with details on the origin of the data.

Technical Information for Postmasters

  • The envelope-sender (Return-Path header) is unique to each MailUp user and can therefore be used to block a spammer. For any abuse, please report the incident to the abuse desk. See above under How to report an abuse.
  • MailUp has many different envelope sender default domains. However, a MailUp user can purchase a personalized envelope sender.
Customer A Return-Path:
Customer B Return-Path:
Customer XYZ Return-Path:

How can I block a MailUp user?

  • Each MailUp user can be identified by their unique envelope-sender (MAIL-FROM, that is to say Return-Path: header). A MailUp user cannot change this address.
  • By blocking the envelope-sender, you will block only the user that is sending SPAM, and not the other, legitimate users of the MailUp system.
Please inform our abuse desk if a MailUp user is sending unsolicited messages so that we may intervene from our side as well. For details, please see above under How to report an abuse.  

IP addresses

If you would like to whitelist our servers, here is all the information you need:
Subnet rDNS / DKIM Signature Description Test emailings (very low volumes) Transactional: confirmation requests Dedicated: single customers Dedicated: single customers with custom host Shared: Customers subject to vetting (new or old ones with new subscribers) Shared: very low complaint rates (<0.03%) and very high engagement Shared: low complaint rates (<0.1%) and good engagement Shared: average engagement Shared: below average engagement Shared: low engagement
IPs are allocated according to the volume and the sender reputation (2 IPs per 1MM emails a day). Dedicated IPs follow the [customer] / [xx].customerdomain.tld DKIM signature scheme