MailUp 9: the (R)Evolution

Please welcome a completely redesigned sending platform, now simpler and more intuitive than ever. Discover its new advanced features for creating, automating and tracking your Email and SMS.

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User experience, collaboration and marketing automation – these are the keywords we built MailUp 9 around. Discover an easier navigation experience and unlock new ways to communicate with your customers.

Automated workflows now include both Email & SMS

Text messages can now be added to automated workflows, along with emails. An improved multichannel technology will help you build the relationship with your contacts, from introduction to their first order, on to loyalty actions. With automated workflows, your campaigns are triggered by the user’s behavior.

Choose a trigger event
Sign-up date, birthday, abandoned cart - just choose the event that triggers the campaign.

Build a workflow
A drag & drop interface lets you build an automatic sequence of email and SMS messages in a matter of seconds.

Set the conditions
Thanks to filters, you can target specific database clusters or set “do not disturb” time slots.

Monitor real-time statistics
Once the campaign is launched, you can monitor its results and download detailed reports.

Automated workflows now include both Email & SMS

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration makes it easy to co-create your email campaigns with the members of your team. Ask for sign-off, collect feedback and add notes on the email design and copy, seamlessly.

Share the message
Enter the email addresses of those you want to involve, and send them an invitation email to collaborate.

Collect feedback
Copy, design or calls to action require adjustments? Team members can now add notes and comments directly in the email body.

Sign-off and send
Once you have defined the final version, mark the email as resolved, send it and archive it.

Teamwork makes the dream work

A functional redesign

With MailUp 9, navigation gets a whole lot better, quicker and more functional. The new interface includes:

  • A collapsible main menu to allow for efficient use of real estate, even on small laptops.
  • Simpler, quicker browsing experience thanks to new shortcuts.
  • Reorganized navigation around functional areas, plus two new items: Pages and Automation.
  • Breadcrumb navigation to know where you are and move faster between pages.
  • A dedicated account management area accessible with a single click.
  • Quicker support request thanks to the new section located in the top bar.
A functional redesign

A dynamic, personalized dashboard

We have introduced a completely redesigned dashboard that appears every time the platform is accessed. The dashboard shows key information about your campaigns, including:

  • Email & SMS sending volume trends over the last 6 months.
  • The number of recipients, unique openings and unique clicks of the last campaign.
  • The last five modified messages, with the date and time of the last modification.
  • Details and key information from your list.
  • The last five messages sent, with data on the number of items sent, open rates and clicks.
  • Open rates split by device.
A dynamic, personalized dashboard

All about MailUp 9

The launch press release and a selection of images: here you find the resources to learn more about the new platform.

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