Agency Program

Agency Program is the flexible solution for agencies and software houses. Affordable, customizable and fully integrated.

Designed for agencies, from the layout right through to the price

Agency Program gives you a flexible and customizable platform to manage your customers, fine tune your offer and integrate new solutions.

Agency Panel: easy and flexible management

Manage each and every platform individually, setting up billing details, delivery speed, edition and optional services.

  • Trial activation
    You can activate new free platform trials with just a few clicks.
  • Whitelabel training material
    Download the user manual, align it to your brand identity and pass it on to customers.
  • Customer support
    With a simple flag, choose the level of support you provide to your customers.
  • SMS credits
    Share the SMS credits you purchase between customers.
Agency Panel: easy and flexible management

Whitelabel platform: tailored on you

Change the logo and customize the look of your platform: for a product tailored on your brand identity.

Whitelabel platform: tailored on you
  • In-depth customization
    Logo, background, menu, header... you can customize everything, from the interface through to your message footers.
  • Enter your domain
    Replace any references to MailUp with your own brand: in the URL, tracked links, auto-profiling forms and landing pages.
  • Remove the MailUp logo
    With just a few clicks, you can delete the MailUp logo from the bottom of every email you send, from notifications and from public pages.

Agency Program benefits

With Agency Program, you have access to special discounts on the purchase of platform editions, additional options and SMS credits.

Agency Program benefits

Is Agency Program right for you?

It is if you are an agency, a software house or a system integrator.


The solution for advertising agencies seeking to offer their customers advanced marketing automation tools.

Software houses and system integrators
Software houses and system integrators

The solution for companies specializing in software and application production and wishing to offer a fully integrated email marketing service.