Success starts with your database

Reach new prospects and enhance your lists of contacts, thanks to advanced features for the collection of recipients and their automatic management.

Multiple platforms in one

In a flexible and granular way, configure a different working environment for each customer, product, or market category.
  • Independent environments
    Independent environments
    Set autonomous work areas for managing different sets of messages, recipients, and statistics.
  • Single master data
    Single master data
    Launch multichannel campaigns (email and SMS) by taking advantage of the single master data for your contacts.
  • Unlimited groups
    Unlimited groups
    Create infinite groups for each environment and separate, for example, the best customers from potential ones.
  • Granular permissions
    Granular permissions
    Create different administrators and select the environments and the menu items that can be accessed.
Multiple platforms in one

A fail-safe database

The platform automatically processes addresses to identify syntactical errors or typos, managing bounces and unsubscribed addresses. For clean and reliable lists of contac
  • Bounce
    Identified and categorized by type of error.
  • Unsubscribed
    Isolated and ignored in future sendings.
  • Double addresses
    Double addresses
    Deleted during the importation phase.
  • Incorrect addresses
    Incorrect addresses
    Displayed for further monitoring

Flexible and open preference center

Choose between different campaign unsubscription modes and offer your contacts the freedom to manage their preferences and sending frequencies.
  • Unsubscriptions
    With a click, with confirmation, or by adjusting the delivery preferences. So many ways to allow recipients to remove their contact from your sending lists.
  • Preference center
    Preference center
    A control panel that your contacts can use to complete and update their profile with personal data, subscriptions, and sending frequencies.
Flexible and open preference center

Establish contact, automatically

Leverage our Marketing Automation features to send one or more automated welcome messages to new subscribers - via Email, SMS or Messaging Apps.

Establish contact, automatically

Your data is secure

You can retrieve all the data on your platform within seven days from the date of cancellation, based on the last save.

Your data is secure

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