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A reliable partner for your communication

You can manage unlimited campaigns for all your customers on a single platform. You can create and send impactful and responsive emails or set up triggered messages in just a few steps.

  • MailUp is whitelabel

    Customize MailUp by adding your agency name and logo to every part of the platform, from the domain to the interface. To align the platform to your brand identity in the pages you create and communications you send.

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  • The solution for agencies

    Our dedicated program lets you manage all of your customers from a single management panel and make savings with special discounts.

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  • Granular permissions

    You can dedicate a work area to each customer and set up different permissions to grant or restrict access to specific areas and features of the platform.

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  • Offer customized services

    Complete your offer with strategic email marketing consulting, graphic templates, marketing automation configurations, personalized integrations, training and support.

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  • Securely shared reports

    Generate comprehensive and detailed statistical reports and share them with your customers, using a dedicated password-protected landing page.

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  • API library and integrations

    You can integrate the platform with CMS, CRM, ERP, e-commerce and business intelligence systems to take advantage of MailUp's mailing features and high deliverability.

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  • Mobile ready campaigns

    You can analyze the compatibility of your campaigns with email clients, including smartphones and tablets, as well as the reputation of the links and your email's text version.

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  • Banca Popolare di Milano

Why our customers choose MailUp?

TEMPI / Emanuele Boffi

"An intuitive and easy to use platform, it optimizes management of the contacts database."

Treedom / Federico Garcea

"With the arrival of BEE, sending a newsletter that is useful to our mission is a walk in the park!"

Ninja Marketing / Mirko Pallera

"An intuitive and versatile platform. Statistics are accessible and detailed. The email triggers are great."

IFITT / Alessandro Inversini

"A reliable partner for our communications. An extremely helpful support team."

Job in Tourism / Emilio de Risi

"Usable and intuitive, ideal for managing numerous mailings and those going to large-scale lists."

Parent Project / Nicoletta Madia

"A cutting-edge and complete tool, the ideal way to communicate: on time, on target!"