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The Solution for your online sales

With the marketing automation features, you can promote your products and reach customers with multi-channel campaigns, from the initial contact through to the after-sales phase. Automatically.

  • SMTP+, step it up a gear

    Send transactional purchase process emails straight from your e-commerce site, while taking advantage of MailUp's speed, high deliverability and tracking.

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  • Offer customized services

    Complete your offer with strategic email marketing consulting, graphic templates, marketing automation configurations, personalized integrations, training and support.

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  • Create bespoke campaigns

    With dynamic content, you can personalize your messages based on your contacts' previous purchases, interests and personal details. For communications that are always relevant, created automatically.

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  • For integrated e-commerce

    You can easily connect your platform with Salesforce, Magento, Drupal Commerce, Shopify, and 4-Tell. There are multiple solutions to boost your online sales.

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  • API library and FTP batch

    Using integrations and FTP batch, you can synchronize external databases and enrich them with the latest information on each of your contact profiles. For effective follow-up campaigns.

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  • Enter a barcode

    This makes it easier for the recipient to interact with your promotions by creating a barcoded image to be placed in the message. With individual IDs, you also avoid double downloads.

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  • LoveTheSign
  • Yamaha
  • Banca Popolare di Milano

Why our customers choose MailUp?

TEMPI / Emanuele Boffi

"An intuitive and easy to use platform, it optimizes management of the contacts database."

Treedom / Federico Garcea

"With the arrival of BEE, sending a newsletter that is useful to our mission is a walk in the park!"

Ninja Marketing / Mirko Pallera

"An intuitive and versatile platform. Statistics are accessible and detailed. The email triggers are great."

IFITT / Alessandro Inversini

"A reliable partner for our communications. An extremely helpful support team."

Job in Tourism / Emilio de Risi

"Usable and intuitive, ideal for managing numerous mailings and those going to large-scale lists."

Parent Project / Nicoletta Madia

"A cutting-edge and complete tool, the ideal way to communicate: on time, on target!"