• IT & developers

A platform open to integrations

MailUp offers an extensive library of free APIs to create, test and publish new implementations between the platform and your systems.

  • SMTP+, step it up a gear

    Take advantage of Mailup's speed, high deliverability and tracking to send transactional emails from your e-commerce site, CRM system, or web application.

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  • Developer platform

    Request a free platform to test the integrations you create between MailUp and your systems to simulate any feature. Then send them to our team for publication.ne.

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  • Batch FTP and API

    You have a library of web services, SOAP and REST for more sophisticated operations, such as the transferring lists, sending a message and much more. You can manage your campaigns without logging into the platform.

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  • An open system

    With the connectors developed by the company or by our partners, you can connect MailUp to CMS, CRM, ERP, e-commerce and business intelligence systems. Your emails are sent with all the benefits of the platform.

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  • WebHook and HTTP calls

    Align your contacts in real time with XML HTTP Post to subscribe or unsubscribe a recipient using an HTTP call, as well as WebHooks to make your platform interact with your other applications.

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  • Your data is safe

    We store your data in two separate server farms, with an additional third-party "disaster recovery" site located away from the data centers. Monitoring is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Deliverability Suite

    We have a wide range of configurations, accreditations and whitelist registrations, letting you maximize your deliverability performance (inbox delivery rate).

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  • Dedicated IP addresses

    Do you want your reputation to be separate from other MailUp customers? With dedicated IP addresses, you can protect your mailing reputation and ensure high deliverability for your communications.

  • OVS
  • LoveTheSign
  • Yamaha
  • Banca Popolare di Milano

Why our customers choose MailUp?

TEMPI / Emanuele Boffi

"An intuitive and easy to use platform, it optimizes management of the contacts database."

Treedom / Federico Garcea

"With the arrival of BEE, sending a newsletter that is useful to our mission is a walk in the park!"

Ninja Marketing / Mirko Pallera

"An intuitive and versatile platform. Statistics are accessible and detailed. The email triggers are great."

IFITT / Alessandro Inversini

"A reliable partner for our communications. An extremely helpful support team."

Job in Tourism / Emilio de Risi

"Usable and intuitive, ideal for managing numerous mailings and those going to large-scale lists."

Parent Project / Nicoletta Madia

"A cutting-edge and complete tool, the ideal way to communicate: on time, on target!"