IT infrastructure

Our system has a secure and reliable framework, ensuring high performance, business continuity and ongoing monitoring of your data.

IT infrastructure

Certified performance

MailUp sends 70 million messages per day, managing up to 30 million addresses. Top performance is guaranteed by our international certifications and the invaluable work of our technical experts.
  • 4 link 1 Gbit/s verso to Internet
  • Access via MIX
  • 4 different connection carriers (ISPs)
  • 180 Gbit/s of interconnection between data centers and our optical fibers
  • Ultra fast caching server
Certified performance

Your data? With us, it's safe

MailUp systems support encryption algorithms and protocols for transferring and processing data.
  • Two server farms. For high capacity

    Two server farms. For high capacity

    We store the data in two separate server farms, with an additional "disaster recovery" third-party website located away from the data centers.
  • Even more protection

    Even more protection

    MailUp's servers have a storage space which is distributed and redundant on multiple SAN nodes, providing a high level of reliability and performance.
Your data? With us, it's safe
  • Active monitoring 24/7

    Active monitoring 24/7

    A 24/7 active monitoring system connected to our technicians' mobile phones. The system is checked automatically every 60 seconds.
  • A modular structure

    A modular structure

    The modular architecture is spread across multiple servers in redundancy mode. The platform is Microsoft Windows Server and the db is Microsoft SQL Server with certified software components.

High reliability

Scalable and therefore low-cost

Scalable and therefore low-cost

Commodity hardware in Private Cloud lets you keep your costs under control and grow your business at fast pace. What's more, the MailUp platform is designed to be easily integrated with Google and CRM systems.
A global cloud

A global cloud

MailUp manages a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure powered by Amazon Web services, geolocated in five regions, to stay fast anywhere in the world. The data is stored in a server farm in Italy, in compliance with European privacy laws.