B&B Hotels

B&B Hotels is a hotel chain that was set up in France in the early 90s. Over the years, it has expanded across 6 European countries and Morocco, with a total of 358 hotels.

+ 1.95 %

Open rate*

+ 1.15 %

Click-through rate*

+ 22 %

Unique open rate of targeted emails

* compared to sector averages.

Fiordistella Leocane

E-commerce Manager B&B Hotels Italia SpA

The email channel lets you cultivate your relationship with your guests well after the end of their stay. With Bee by MailUp, you can create the ideal layout for your various clients in a simple and intuitive way, using this channel to constantly increase bookings.

MailUp has teamed up with the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) to analyze a year of B2C mailing activities for B&B Hotels (2015). The aim was to establish potential correlations between the structure of the emails with a series of KPIs indicators (open rate, click-through rate, unique openings).

By analyzing the email subject, content and images, several key factors were identified that encouraged open and click-through rates, making it possible to establish some broad best practices for the tourism sector. Through the email channel, B&B Hotels aims to build lasting relationships with its customers, offering them special offers and promotions to turn them into loyal customers and encourage them to make repeat bookings.
B&B Hotels uses the email channel to convey valuable content, offer promotions and incentives, and cultivate their relationships with customers even after their stay. Communications follow criteria based on seasonal trends, and thanks to MailUp’s profiling and automation tools, campaigns can be targeted using geopositioning. This way, B&B Hotels can engage only customers who have ties to locations of interest, making each message as relevant as possible.

The study carried out by MailUp and USI shows that the email open rate is strongly influenced by the combination of textual elements. The winning formula (with the highest open rate) mentions destinations, prices/offers and hotel benefits. In terms of the message, the likelihood to click is greatly affected by the presence of incentives or references to loyalty, with explicit and targeted calls-to-action. In terms of visual identity, images play a key role: images must always be varied and high-quality and perform better when they depict (in order of importance): landscapes, buildings and people.

Best Practices

Write an email subject that is under 20 characters or over 80, creating appeal by including discounts, destinations and calls-to-action.

Encourage loyalty to increase the click-through rate: include vouchers, offers and other exclusive benefits for newsletter subscribers.

Perfect the visuals of your emails by varying the images and ensuring they are emotionally engaging.

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