Jobrapido is currently the second largest international job search engine in the world, delivering 660 million visits per year in more than 50 countries and 16 languages. Its head office is in Milan, Italy. This Case History presents jobrapido's adoption of a MailUp-based solution for the management of large volumes of highly-personalized emails.

Jobrapido has two types of emails: Alerts and Transactional. Each has different content, sending bulk and sending speed requirements. Jobrapido alerts are targeted, personalized job postings for each recipient that need to be delivered within 6 hours. Over 2 million personalized alerts are sent per day, amounting to 60 million a month and 1 billion per year. The content and frequency of the email alerts are based on each customer's preferences. They are also sending messages to four different time zones. Concurrently, Jobrapido's must also send tens of thousands of transactional emails per day to be delivered within 1-2 minutes. These messages contain newsletter subscription confirmation or other helpful information.
MailUp configured two separate accounts optimized to meet two different sets of needs. Account A was set up for Jobrapido Alerts to ensure high standards of deliverability and redundancy, and to guarantee the sending of high volumes of fully personalized messages. MailUp set up four separate consuls to cover four different time zones. The email alert workflow is as follows: messages do not have embedded images and have a size of 20kb or less. For every user in the distribution list, a web service call is made to pass parameters such as: recipient's email address, message subject, message body (html, text), information on the MailUp account to be used, and the Distribution list ID. The message to be sent is added to the queue via a web service call, and MailUp processes the queue in blocks (every 30 minutes) for optimal performance. The send time/date cannot be scheduled. Unsubscribe requests can be managed by the client or directly by MailUp. Account B was set up for all transactional emails and optimized for quick delivery of individual messages rather than bulk mailings. The low latency guarantees the delivery of transactional messages within 1-2 minutes (up to several thousand emails per hour.) Account B leverages the same services and benefits from MailUp's high deliverability.


By creating two separate accounts, optimized for different tasks, Jobrapido was able to leverage MailUp's high deliverability and flexible API to cost-effectively meet two very different sets of needs instead of trying to use a "one-size-fits-all" solution.

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