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We support NGOs through their marketing and fundraising activities by offering our direct marketing platform with very special conditions. So that the world of non-profit can also use advanced tools to achieve its goals.

  • Médecins Sans Frontières
    Médecins Sans Frontières

    On 12 December 1971 in Paris, a group of doctors and journalists decided to set up a humanitarian organization that made medical care and bearing witness its core pillars: Médecins Sans Frontières.


  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International has worked on defending human rights since 1961. Seven million supporters, members, and activists in more than 150 countries are engaged in ending serious violations of human rights.


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  • Amensty International
  • Save the children
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  • DPP
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  • Exodus
  • Aisla Onlus
  • Progetto Arca

Amnesty International

Amnesty International has entrusted MailUp to achieve its aim of boosting the reach, effectiveness and impact of its activities, in order to increase the number of appeals signed and to recruit more new activists.

In order to promote their campaigns, since January 2011, Amnesty International has been using MailUp's multichannel platform to send out newsletters and SMS. The solution was adopted by Amnesty International so that it could send its supporters communications that were personalized and rich in content.

With the ability to include an annex directly in the newsletter, which contains all of the information needed to join the initiative, MailUp's platform has enabled Amnesty International to communicate its commitment to international solidarity more effectively.

Your 5x1000 to human rights
Promoted through MailUp's channels, Amnesty International's campaign encourages its audience to make "a simple gesture that costs nothing", while at the same time significantly helping to express the many requests – raised in 2011 by the people of the Middle East and North Africa – for human rights to be respected.