Tuticket.com is one of the largest ticket office sales providers in Latin America and the US, specializing in the ticket sales of all kinds of events, including music concerts, sports events, and theater. Tuticket.com offers exceptional service to event organizers, accomplishing to plan, distribute, sell, and check the ticket office sales with professionalism

Tuticket.com was looking for a reliable, high deliverability emailing platform that could be used for sending out both marketing emails (e.g. ticket sale promotions) and transactional emails (e.g. notifications) at high volumes.
Tuticket.com is able to send different types of email communications through two custom MailUp accounts, optimized for deliverability: one account is used for bulk, promotional emails and the other is optimized for transactional emails, which are sent through MailUp's SMTP relay. As a high-volume sender, Tuticket.com is fully leveraging the expertise and guidance of our dedicated deliverability team, which is working closely with them on an on-going basis to optimize and monitor the delivery rate and configuration of their sending accounts. This service is offered in our Delivery+ package. Finally, Tuticket.com found MailUp's industry-leading Pay per Speed pricing very cost-effective, as the price is based on the speed of delivery of the emails and not the total monthly email volumes. This means that Tuticket.com can literally send millions of emails per month without worrying about exceeding a certain monthly limit.<br/><br/>"Tuticket.com decided to migrate to the Cloud and we were in the hunt for a good Email Delivery Service. After doing our homework we decided for MailUp, not only is the price very affordable and competitive when you compare them to the market, but also they allow us to grow exponentially in IT terms without worrying about performance and costs, the configuration of the Newsletters Service and SMTP Relay is straight forward and very easy to setup, it took us no more than a few days to get it up and running". Jesus Piñeiro - Director of IT, Tuticket.com

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