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With MailUp you send:

    • To 200 countries around the world
      You can concatenate three SMS in one message, in order to have up to 470 characters for your text.
    • High quality (gold) SMS
      Text messages arrive quickly (low latency) and you get a receipt with delivery date, delivery time, and errors.
  • With MailUp you send:
    • Automatic SMS campaigns
      You can set the rules for managing automatic sendings, choosing time periods to avoid sendings.
    • Up to 200 SMS per second
      You have a high sending capacity and can send up to 200 SMS per second, displaying the send queue.

You additionally have:

  • Personalized sender

    You can specify a name or a different number for each sending.

  • Management of non-sending time periods

    To avoid nighttime delivery or on certain days of the week.

  • Portability management

    Your SMS messages are always received, even if the recipient has changed operators.

  • Font support

    You can send SMS messages with non-Western alphabets, including Chinese and Arabic.

  • API library

    Our APIs (ATP, SOFT and REST) are available to integrate MailUp with your system.

  • Dedicated number

    The optional service to receive SMS messages at a dedicated number.

  • Two years of validity

    You can use credits for up to 24 months from the date of purchase.

  • Immediate activation

    You can start sending now. The platform is automatically activated by purchasing credits