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ISPF authentication)

One problem with emails is that it’s easy to forge them, pretending – for instance – to be someone that you are not. Email authentication technology helps solve this issue by allowing antispam filters to verify the identity of those that are sending the message.
SPF authentication

Creating a good HTML email message

First of all, the message must meet some basic standards that are meant to ensure that the message arrives in the inbox, and not in the junk folder. In addition, the message should follow a series of best practices so that it is correctly displays in different Web (Gmail,, AOL, etc.) and desktop (Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.) email clients.
Creating a good HTML email message

Email marketing: the seven most common email marketing mistakes

A selection of mistakes often made by companies when sending newsletters or email marketing campaigns to customers or prospects.
Email marketing: the seven most common email marketing mistakes

SPAM words to avoid

A list of words that could lead to antispam filters penalizing or blocking the email message.
SPAM words to avoid

Implementing a DMARC Policy with MailUp

Phishing is responsible for billions of dollars of damage. Unfortunately email authentication techniques are not enough. DMARC adds another layer to the equation, allowing senders to instruct ISPs to block messages that don’t “pass the test”.
DMARC support in MailUp

Video in email support Matrix – June 2013 Update

Video can drive better results: on landing pages, ecommerce stores, … and email messages too! Learn how to take advantage of it.
Video in email