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What are the accepted payment methods?

MailUp only accepts payments via credit card. To purchase services using a Credit Card as the payment method, at the same time as the online transaction is concluded the banking institution and/or payment circuit in question authorizes the amount of […] Read more

How do you calculate the price of the SMS messages sent?

The cost of the SMS channel is based solely on the number of text messages sent. There are no fees or fixed costs, you only pay for what you send: just buy SMS credits to get sending right away. You […] Read more

Can I upload pictures and documents to MailUp?

Yes. Within the platform, you have unlimited space to upload free of charge all of the files you need to send your communication campaigns. Each file uploaded cannot exceed 10 MB and there are content restrictions. Read more

Can MailUp help me create a database of email addresses?

MailUp helps you manage your customer relationships whose email contacts you already have, but does not sell any contact lists or addresses. If you want to create or expand your contact database, please refer to the dedicated page on our website. Read more

What happens if you increase the number of addresses you send emails to?

You can upload unlimited recipients onto the platform at no additional cost. The only thing that changes is the time needed to complete the send, which will go up in proportion to the number of your new contacts: for example, […] Read more

Can you remove the words “Message sent via MailUp” from the bottom of the emails?

To eliminate this page footer and customize it with your own brand information, you must have the Custom domain & Full Whitelabeling Domain option, which comes with the MailUp Pro and MailUp Enterprise editions. This option cannot be purchased separately. Read more

How is the annual fee email calculated?

The email fee is established based on your choice of MailUp edition (Web, Pro, Enterprise) and delivery speed. With the pay per speed model, the email fee does not have any monthly limits for the number of emails you send: […] Read more

I lost my access credentials for the “My billing plan” area. Where can I get them?

On the MailUp homepage, click on Login. Once you’re on the authentication page, click on forgot?. You can retrieve your credentials by entering your email address (you will receive an email with your username) or by entering your username and […] Read more

What credentials do I need to log into the “My billing plan” area to view new invoices?

You can access the My billing plan area with the same username you use to log into your MailUp platform: this is the alphanumeric code found in the top right corner of your platform. Username example: m80574 Password example: platform2015 […] Read more

Where can I manage my profile, view invoices and make new purchases?

Directly from the platform, in the My billing plan area, which you can access by clicking on the profile icon at the top right; or from the MailUp website homepage by clicking on the Login button at the top right: […] Read more

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