Introducing MailUp 9

Push the boundaries of your business. Discover a completely redesigned Marketing Automation platform, now simpler and more intuitive than ever.

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Massimo Arrigoni
CPO MailUp

Introducing MailUp 9

Are you ready for a new way of thinking marketing?

Use email and SMS to reach more people and broaden the horizons of your business. MailUp gives you everything you need: consulting, platform, resources and know-how.


    Marketing automation

    MailUp gives you all the necessary tools to create automated workflows and ensure well-timed, relevant and extremely effective communications.


    Personalized solutions

    Together we create the ideal solution for your needs. We offer personalized advice and a wide range of options.


    Multi-channel vision

    Email, SMS, social media. A single tool to create and manage integrated, relevant and strategic communication campaigns.

Discover the most powerful MailUp platform yet

MailUp 9 offers many new features and tools to empower your Email & SMS Marketing campaigns.

  • A completely redesigned user experience
  • Collaboration tool, to co-create emails with your team
  • New advanced Marketing Automation features

Serving your goals

Whatever your business objective, MailUp helps you achieve it. Versatility, flexibility and strength underpin the solution designed to ensure the strategic growth of your business.

  • Customer engagement

    Build up one-on-one relationships with your customers using triggered campaigns that are perfectly segmented.

  • Generate leads

    Turn any contact into a customer by personalizing your communications based on preferences, habits and personal data.

  • Website traffic

    Drive more visitors to your website or thanks to DEM and newsletters targeted to the right audience, with delivery rates as high as 99%.

  • Increase conversions

    Unlock the potential of the channel with the highest ROI to encourage e-commerce conversions and retrieve abandoned carts.

  • Build loyalty

    Use advanced automation tools to build customer loyalty through a personalized, perfectly timed, relevance-driven approach.

  • Brand awareness

    Give voice to your brand. Increase its reach with high-impact emails designed to beautifully convey your brand's visual identity and core values.

The most advanced editor on the market

BEE is the advanced drag & drop editor that comes with MailUp. Create responsive mobile messages with high-impact graphics in just a few clicks - no HTML code required!

  • Email and SMS Marketing, made easy, interesting and useful. Don't miss the chance to get news, stories, resources and insights delivered straight to your inbox!
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  • Elisa Baldon, Web & Social Media Specialist


    Giochi Preziosi

    "Jade was a great find! We configured the app and registration form in next to no time and were able to collect the names of so many new partners, including when offline"

  • Vincenzo Cannata, Co-founder and CEO



    “MailUp has proven to be an effective tool for the scalability of automatic email delivery mechanisms during LOVEThESIGN's period of growth”.

  • Fiordistella Leocane, E-commerce Manager


    B&B Hotels Italy SpA

    "The email channel lets us build up our customer relations well after the end of their stay. With BEE, it's easy and intuitive to create the ideal layout"

  • Alberto Arossa, Head of Activities and Projects


    Slow Food Italy

    "MailUp is a fundamental tool to tell members, visitors and fans about the opportunities on offer at Slow Food Italy"

By your side, to grow and learn

Knowledge empowers your marketing skills. MailUp is an open universe where you can learn strategies, best practices and digital marketing techniques - every day.

Video tutorials

Learn hands-on. Tricks and best practices to make the most of MailUp's potential.


White Papers & Ebooks

Insights, best practices and much more to improve your marketing skills.


Industry reports

Assess your performances thanks to market insights and industry benchmarks.


Training & Onboarding

Our experts will guide you through the setup stage and provide ongoing training.



News, insights, events and stories on email marketing and more



Whatever your business, we have the right solution for you.