Collect contacts. Even offline

With Jade, you create a custom subscription form on your iPad and connect it to the MailUp account. In this way you can add to your recipient database wherever you are, even if you're not connected.

Enter your email to download Jade

Enter your email to download Jade Or download it directly (iOS 8.0+)


Create a form with Jade

  • Define structure and fields
    You can customize your form with your logo, background, and texts in a few simple steps.
  • Collect contacts even offline
    All data is saved on the iPad and sent to your MailUp account automatically.
  • A form for every occasion
    Create all the forms you want with Jade and connect them to different lists or groups in your platform
Create a form with Jade

Ideal for

Trade fairs, shops, conferences, and any other type of event. With Jade you can say goodbye to paper forms, notes, and business cards.

Extend your store's reach

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Slow Food Italy

Slow Food Italy

Present in 150 countries, Slow Food is a large non-profit association committed to studying, defending, and disseminating agricultural traditions, food, and wine from all over the world.

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Jade is easy

Create a subscription form and attach it to your MailUp list

Choose the fields based on the type of contacts that you want to collect

Customize the form to adapt it to your brand's identity