One platform, endless possibilities

Boost the potential of your email and SMS campaigns using our advanced features for marketing automation, contact segmentation and much more.

One platform, endless possibilities

Flexible, multilingual and customizable

With its simple and immediate interface, MailUp offers granular administrator management and high web performance with absolute security.

Flexible, multilingual and customizable
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Multiple work areas in a single platform

Create a different area for each category of customer, product or market. With the tools for gathering contacts, you can feed your database both online and offline, from your website and from social media.

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Multiple work areas in a single platform

Segment your contacts for relevant campaigns

Send the right message to the right recipient. Thanks to the platform's advanced features, you can divide up your database and automatically send differentiated content.

  • Customize your mailings with filters

    Set filters by recipient data, geographical location, activity or device. In just a few clicks, you can set up your campaign to be sent automatically depending on your recipient's age, gender, interests, location and much more.

    Customize your mailings with filters
  • Engage your recipients

    With dynamic content you can create personalized campaigns tailored to your contacts' personal data and interests. A powerful profiling tool to deliver diversified offers.

    Engage your recipients
  • Build up your database with new details

    Set up the profile management center to allow your contacts to update their personal information, newsletter subscriptions and mailing frequency independently and at any time.

    Build up your database with new details
  • Improve your performance with each and every mailing

    See the openings and clicks of each recipient, as well as geographical and device-based reports. Analyzing your results is the starting point to send increasingly effective and profiled campaigns.

    Improve your performance with each and every mailing
Emails that work for you

Emails that work for you

With triggered messages, you can speed up the flow of your communications: combine the segmentation and marketing automation tools to launch relevant and tailored campaigns, without the effort.

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Open, flexible, customizable: that's MailUp

External database, CRM, CMS, ERP, e-commerce and business intelligence systems. Integrate your system with the MailUp platform quickly and easily.

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A dedicated team for each activity

We have multiple services for support, strategy and customized consulting. To be by your side at all times.

  • Priority support

    Over the phone or by email, to meet your needs more quickly and find the best solution.

  • Delivery+

    Boost deliverability through a broad range of accreditations and personalized consulting.

  • Bespoke solutions

    Onboarding, integrations, graphic & design, high-priority mailings. Strategic consulting for all your needs.

  • Individual training

    Our in-depth training program guides you on how to make the best use of MailUp, from the editor through to triggered messages.

  • Customer Service Success

    The team that assists you in every aspect, from sales support through to customer care. To ensure continuity of service.

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