Send perfect emails

With MailUp, you can create campaigns with striking designs optimized for mobile devices. With A/B testing and statistical reports, you have total control over your emails' performance, both before and after delivery.

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Send perfect emails

Your campaigns are responsive

With the BEE editor, you can create professionally-designed emails optimized for smartphones and tablets in just a few steps. You don't need to be familiar with HTML coding, BEE takes care of everything!

Your campaigns are responsive Find out how to create your emails

Send millions of emails in just a few clicks

There are multiple services and tools to launch your campaigns around the world, efficiently, safely and reliably.
  • Unlimited mailings
    Unlimited mailings
    Upload as many recipients as you like onto the platform: it makes no difference whether your database has one thousand or one million contacts.
  • Deliverability Suite
    Deliverability Suite
    Boost deliverability through a broad range of accreditations and personalized consulting, and achieve the best mailing quality.
Send millions of emails in just a few clicks
  • SMTP+
    Take advantage of MailUp's speed, high deliverability and tracking to send transactional emails from your e-commerce site, CRM system or web application.
  • Triggered messages
    Triggered messages
    With the marketing automation tools, you can engage the right recipient at the right time. To provide relevant and tailored content.

New editions, to send unlimited mailings

The platform grows and quadruples itself to meet the most specific needs. MailUp Starter, Plus, Premium and Enterprise editions are based on a pay for speed model: as your contacts increase, the delivery time becomes longer. But the price does not change.
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New editions, to send unlimited mailings

Integrate your application with MailUp

Thanks to the API library and customized consulting, we give you a world of possibilities to connect and synchronize your platform with external database, CRM, CMS, e-commerce and any external system.
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Integrate your application with MailUp

Email marketing, on a high level

Webinars, demos, eBooks and much more. All materials are digital and free to explore and unlock the platform's potential.

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Email marketing, on a high level

MailUp product news

MailUp always offers you new tools to design, create and monitor your communication campaigns.


The best of 2019

Between joys and efforts, projects launched, and goals achieved—let's rewind the tape. Here's the (non-exhaustive) chronicle of what we've done to support your strategies.The year 2019 is winding down. New Year’s plans, juggling Secret Santas, and dinners with relatives and friends are all...


Segment Your Campaigns In Detail: MailUp’s Advanced Filters Have Arrived

You can now create a filter by linking different conditions to segment recipients with maximum precision. The result? More flexibility, better engagement, and greater conversions.We've been working for months on customizing campaign tools in developing the MailUp platform. We had started with...


Send Personalized Emails Based On Where Recipients Click

Now you can send automatic follow-up emails that are consistent with where a recipient clicks. This is quite a precious feature for leading prospects and customers to make a purchase, as well as increasing conversions.What is the most advanced horizon of marketing automation? The one in which...


New Custom Rows! Edit, Order and Design Your Dynamic Content Blocks

Our custom rows are now all new and improved. Send out your latest blog articles or new e-commerce items dynamically - you can now create your email in just a few clicks, by dragging and dropping custom content blocks into the message. Now you have full control over their order, layout and...