A world of integrations

Our APIs give you the option to connect and synchronize the platform with external databases, CRM, CMS, e-commerce and any other external application.

Bespoke consulting for each integration

Whatever system you have, we can integrate it in MailUp. We offer and configure all the tools you need to achieve perfect synchronization.

Bespoke consulting for each integration
  • We analyze your needs to find the best possible integration for your application.
  • We guide and support you through the process of setting up API credentials.
  • We configure the Data Sync for a two-way synchronization between the platform and your system.
  • We guide you through making the right choice of web services, API, HTTP GET and POST to use for the integration.

Develop and share with a dedicated platform

Experiment with new implementations between MailUp and your company's systems. You can publish them and make them available to our community, or put them on sale.

Discover the developer platform
Develop and share with a dedicated platform
Synchronize your registration forms

Synchronize your registration forms

Collect new contacts from your website or blog by linking a subscription page to the platform, which you can create using the drag & drop editor: thanks to HTTP POST and GET, your information on subscriptions, unsubscriptions and profile updates is perfectly synchronized.

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Open, flexible and personalized: it's MailUp

External databases, CRM, CMS, ERP, e-commerce and Business Intelligence systems. Integrate your system with the MailUp platform quickly and easily.

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A truly integrated system

With our extensive API library complete with WebHooks, Data Sync and much more, you can connect MailUp and your software applications to manage your data quickly and efficiently.

  • Have MailUp features on your system

    Thanks to the APIs REST and SOAP, you can carry out all your platform activities directly from your applications. From subscriptions and updates, through to creating your campaigns.

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    Have MailUp features on your system
  • Make MailUp interact with your systems

    With our WebHooks, it is easier to exchange information between the platform and your external applications. The two sides communicate in real time in a way that is smart, simple and standardized.

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    Make MailUp interact with your systems
  • For a two-way synchronization

    With Data Sync, available as SFTP or FTPS, you can exchange files between MailUp and your system. This way, you can synchronize information, including in two-way mode, so that it is always aligned.

    Discover Data Sync
    For a two-way synchronization
  • Multiple interfaces, absolute security

    You can integrate MailUp using XML HTTP POST, web services SOAP and REST, and RubyGems. What's more, API procedures are protected from misuse through restricted access to authorized IP addresses, which you can set up on the platform.

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    Multiple interfaces, absolute security