Social responsibility

Our commitment to the environment

Social responsibility

MailUp is green: our commitment to the environment

MailUp decided to team up with Treedom to offset CO2 emissions through the creation of forests around the world. Over the years we have chosen to plant 1305 trees in Cameroon, Malawi, Senegal, Kenya, Argentina, Cuba and Thailand, following their growth: a real commitment to reward the environment for the 391 tons of CO2 emitted. The MailUp forest was born from the desire to protect the environment and promote a more attentive behavior towards the resources of our planet.


planted trees


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Ecological responsibility and recycling

Dedication to values of environmental protection is a distinctive characteristic of MailUp: internally we promote a recycling culture, encouraging all of our employees across the three branches to carefully manage differentiated waste. MailUp is a frontrunner in encouraging the correct disposal of waste and a responsible use of environmental resources, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of materials, especially paper. Every day we share our commitment for a better, protected environment: an operation carried out online, the sending of emails can be defined as ecological because it does not waste paper or create garbage.

Social accountability

We guarantee the safety and well-being of our employees, fully respecting the rules regarding accident prevention and health and safety in the workplace. MailUp has also introduced an optional break of 15 minutes every two hours for all its personnel. All MailUp operations are carried out in accordance with the law and social and labour rights, paying particular attention to employment regulations and overtime. For MailUp, human resources represent the company's true capital: investment in human resources also means avoiding precarious working relationships, favouring stable employment to value the people and their contribution.

Ethical email marketing

We promote a strict antispam policy. MailUp has included in its Terms and Conditions a 1,000 euros penalty to discourage any kind of spam, even in those cases not sanctioned by law. Therefore MailUp has created the Abuse Desk, whose experts will carefully check any spam activity reported by our customers' recipients: in the event of verified spam, the Abuse Desk will limit or suspend the service. Furthermore, MailUp does not sell or rent users' contacts, namely the lists of email addresses in the database. We are committed to promoting responsible use of communication tools, following the principles of ethical marketing.