Protect the quality of your sendings

Improve campaign results with the automatic management of delivery failures. Because success comes from your database's quality.

Error-free importing

Have you collected a great deal of contacts at trade shows and other events? MailUp automatically processes lists of imported email addresses and identifies any syntax errors and typos. And you're ready to launch a new campaign.
Error-free importing

Emails that return become strategic

MailUp automatically identifies and manages delivery failures. 16 categories of errors are identified, with high level recognition algorithms. Here are the most common ones.
  • Hard Bounce
    Hard Bounce
    The email server is unable to deliver the message (for example: 550 Mailbox not found).
  • Soft Bounce
    Soft Bounce
    The email server is temporarily unable to deliver the email (Mailbox size exceeds quota, Host not found).
  • Transient Bounce
    Transient Bounce
    The email server is temporarily unable to deliver the message, but a further attempt is in course.
  • Mail Block
    Mail Block
    Notification that the destination server is blocking the messages from the sending server.
  • Unsubscribe/Remove
    Report that the recipient has asked to be removed from any future communications.
  • Challenge-Response
    A request for sender verification, to ensure it is a real person and not an automated system.

Feedback loop? Manage them automatically

Thanks to MailUp's agreement with major email clients (Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, and others), receive a notification when your contact clicks the "Junk" button and automatically unsubscribes their address. The list of recipients who have completed this action is editable and exportable.
Feedback loop? Manage them automatically

Even more effective error handling

Analysis of POP rebounds
Analysis of POP rebounds
You can analyze bounced messages from a POP account, specifically the returns. In this way you can edit and personalize the so-called "envelope sender" - the address of the server that sends the messages.
X-header Recognition
X-header Recognition
You can receive a copy of all returns processed on any customer defined email box, thanks to the X-header recognition function (X header). With MailUp, errors are really under control.