Simple, secure, scalable, and reliable: it's SMTP+

Take advantage of Mailup's speed, high deliverability, and tracking to send transactional emails from your e-commerce site, CRM system, or web application.

Your system, with a plus

    • For your e-commerce site
      Send transactional emails related to the entire buying process, quickly and with high deliverability.
    • For your inbox
      Optimize the performance of your inbox or your business email inbox.
  • Your system, with a plus
    • For your blog or site
      Send email without affecting the mail server where your blog or site is hosted, separating the reputations.
    • For your application
      Configure SMTP+ and send messages using the MailUp infrastructure without additional API and integrations
  • Integrated and configured in just a few clicks

    Add an SMTP+ user to the MailUp platform and set email sendings from your external system. You can also configure multiple SMTP+ users and customize notifications

    Integrated and configured in just a few clicks
  • Protect your sending domain

    Manage contact reports for those who click "Report Spam" in Hotmail, Yahoo!, Libero. In this way the recipient is immediately unsubscribed, avoiding subsequent reputation problems.

    Protect your sending domain
  • Errors? Managed automatically

    With SMTP+, unsubscriptions and bounces are handled automatically, with notifications to the sender and WebHook to inform other applications or external databases.

    Errors? Managed automatically

Boost systems and applications

  • Improve email deliverability
  • Configure multiple SMTP+ users
  • Automatically add footnotes
  • Send emails with attachments up to 10 MB
  • Create a database of recipients
  • Your send queue is shared with MailUp
Boost systems and applications

Optimize sendings with in-depth reports

To improve your messages' results, sending after sending, SMTP+   lets you browse the aggregate data for each work environment in different ways: from the time period under analysis to the subject of your transactional email.

Optimize sendings with in-depth reports
Learn more about aggregation criteria