How Iperal has increased clicks in its emails by 30%

Iperal is a large-scale distribution company present in seven provinces of Lombardy (Sondrio, Lecco, Como, Monza Brianza, Varese, Brescia and Bergamo) with over 40 stores. In 2012 Iperal undertook a digitalization process that led it to become a growing company in the large-scale retail market and a reference point in Lombardy.

48 %

Open rate

10 %

Click rate

0.08 %

Unsubscription rate

13 %

Coupon redemption rate

Alessandro Marchesini

Digital Marketing Director, Iperal

Progressively evolving to offer increasingly targeted communications in line with the customers needs. Thanks to MailUp's workflows, one-to-one relationship is possible.

In 2012 Iperal undertook a digitalization process that led it to become a growing company in the large-scale retail market and a reference point in Lombardy.

Iperal's specific qualities, combined with those of a sector such as large-scale distribution, implied three requirements:
  • Provide customers and potential customers with a useful service for everyday shopping
  • Maintain a continuous relationship with each customer aimed at making them loyal and, consequently, inclined to make repeated purchases
  • Eliminate the distances between the online dimension and its stores.
Given its needs, Iperal identified email as the best channel for getting in touch with its customers. Following the creation of an internal digital team, Iperal relied on the MailUp platform to manage its email marketing strategies.

Supported by one of our teams, Iperal created a functional and highly visually effective newsletter template. After the first good results, Iperal refined its strategy by integrating a dedicated offer plan (coupons) and SMS channel resources, which it uses to let its contacts know about new store openings and the launch of new services. The process was constantly improved over time, reaching its current strategic configuration. The company currently uses the MailUp platform to:
  • Send personalized newsletters
  • Launch informative SMS campaigns
  • Send happy birthday emails and SMS messages
  • Manage, with the collaboration of Digitelematica, the entire flow of transactional emails related to the Online Spending program
  • Integrate its content marketing strategy into its newsletters
  • Integrate its email advertising strategy into its newsletters
Its newsletter sent every 10 to 15 days is of particular interest: Iperal has a large assortment of products to promote, and had to segment the sendings into different clusters.

Iperal's newsletter takes full advantage of the email channel's potential, interweaving information and promotional objectives, thereby integrating content marketing and email advertising. All within a large layout which at the same time facilitates the rapid scanning of content.

For the future, Iperal has planned the definition of strategies (based on email automation) of cross selling, top selling and the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, all with the support of Digitelematica. Moreover, thanks to the integration between the website, MailUp and CRM, Iperal will develop automation actions triggered by each recipient's type of interaction with coupons and promotions.


In 2017, there was a 24% increase in users who subscribed to Iperal's newsletter. This sharp increase can also be seen in its campaigns' performance, which show a higher opening and click-through rate - 20% and 6% respectively - compared to the average results of the large-scale distribution segment (obtained from the MailUp Statistical Observatory 2018).

The data related to segmentation is interesting: by defining eight different sending clusters, the newsletter recorded a near 30% increase in clicks on the various contents.

Best Practices

Understand your emails as flyers which present offers and send recipients - with just one click - to explore items and products on the site.

Create a responsive modular structure with the BEE editor: its grid layout easily hosts a large amount of content while preserving legibility.

Segment your recipients into clusters to improve engagement and performance across the entire funnel: openings, clicks, conversions.

Disseminate your purchase incentive communications: gifts and coupons that shorten the distances between the online and stores.

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