Xiaomi, a Chinese company dedicated to the design, development and sale of smartphones, apps and other electronic products, ranks third in eCommerce in China behind Alibaba and JD.com. Hand in hand with Tekmovil, this giant decided to open its online store in Mexico and in just 6 months, achieved unexpected results.


Email marketing subscribers


Millions of emails sent

22 %

Open rate

0.3 %

Recipients unsubscribed

Cristian Serrano

Ecommerce General Manager

The integration of MailUp and Datatrics to our ecommerce has been a key decision since the beginning of the project, not only to build and maintain a flow of communication with our users, but to understand what their experience with the brand is like at each stage of the Customer Journey and to enrich their shopping experience.

Xiaomi launched its eCommerce in Latin America with the help of VTEX. It is the first store developed in VTEX IO in Mexico, with a unique microservices architecture that lets you create high-quality, low-cost web software. In addition, it facilitates the integration of pixels that come natively and the creation of applications and integrations efficiently for an omnichannel business.

Create unique experiences based on consumer interests and needs

The main challenge was to put the consumer at the center of the strategy, starting from scratch without any pre-existing information. To do so, it was essential to define 4 objectives of users during the Customer Journey:

  • Create community to build a database
  • Create pleasant experiences for consumers
  • Generate engagement with buyers
  • Increase customer loyalty.

The implementation of technology such as MailUp and Datatrics was key to achieving these goals.

Xiaomi uses Datatrics to link various online channels and unify the data on its customers and potential customers in a single platform, which allows it to identify interests, browsing and purchasing behaviors to create 360 profiles. In addition, using Datatrics, they found the tools necessary to personalize their eCommerce based on the user's current stage in the Customer Journey.

The registration pop-up to attract subscribers and build its database is necessary, but intelligently configuring it to show or hide depending on who the visitor is and in what phase of the funnel they are currently in improves the user experience.

The strategies for recommending products through carrousel showcases, analyzing the visitor's profile and the products they are browsing, etc., are very simple strategies to apply and help to increase conversions by automatically personalizing offers. In addition, the connection between MailUp, Datatrics and VTEX makes it possible to offer highly personalized and highly relevant email marketing content based on interests in certain categories, products browsed and abandoned carts. Going from a mass communication strategy to a personalization strategy is very simple if the ecosystem of technologies is properly integrated.

The Datatrics/MailUp combination let them manage personalized communications through all phases of the Customer Journey. Thanks to data collection, they have the opportunity to listen and understand their consumers and anticipate their needs.


6 months after its arrival in Mexico, Xiaomi achieved the following results:
  • 78,000 email marketing subscribers
  • 1.8 million emails sent
  • 22% Open rate
  • 0.3% of recipients unsubscribed
The Email and Marketing Automation channel has brought in more than 50 thousand dollars in terms of Revenue and a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of 67:1.

Best Practices

Database generation: implement a smart subscription pop-up for data capture. With Datatrics, you can configure subscription pop-ups, exit intent and not show it again if that user is already registered.

Site customization - Implement product recommendation pop-ups and showcases based on each user's browsing and purchase history.

Segmentation: Analyze your users' data and group it into key segments to optimize the content of your campaigns and the ways of interacting with your recipients.

Automated Workflows: Set up automated triggers to maintain fluid communication with your customers. Upselling, Crosselling and Abandoned Cart strategies are essential email marketing communications for all types of ecommerce.

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