Video tutorials

A gallery of video tutorials – continuously updated – that allow you to see with your own eyes, and quickly understand, the functions of the MailUp console.

  • Discover the BEE editor

    Creating your email campaigns is easy with BEE: it only takes two minutes to create a newsletter.

  • BEE Editor: main features

    An overview on BEE drag and drop editor. In a few click you can create, send and track your email campagins.

  • MailUp. The Email & SMS Delivery Solution

    The platform combines advanced features with an industry-leading flat-rate Pay per Speed pricing.

  • Demo

    Watch this quick demo of the main email marketing features of the MailUp platform and learn how to get started with your first email campaign.

  • OVS
  • LoveTheSign
  • Yamaha
  • Banca Popolare di Milano